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You can rely on us!

Bank Like a Local

Your community defines who you are, where you go and what you support. As a local, you know where to shop for the best deals, how to save for the next great experience and who to trust with your hard-earned money. You know what small businesses, local parades and Friday night football games mean to us all. And, as with every community, pride runs deep, you are a part of the bigger picture. The people and businesses who make up our community and its’ future depend on locals, just like us. Big plans for our community come to fruition as our people come together to support each other. Local thinking allows for local thriving. You, as a local like us, are supporting great things in our communities.


Strength of a Major Banking Institution

Relyance Bank has the strength of a global banking institution, but the heart of a community-driven bank dedicated to our values. We stay on top of industry trends and standards by providing competitive banking products and services, including: convenient hours, Change Up accounts to help you save for your next experience along with state-of-the-art ATMs, which allow you to efficiently do banking with a touch of a button. Our commitment to technology allows us to spread our branches by providing online banking, our convenient mobile app, along with our Instant Info Line, just to name a few.


Soul of a Neighborhood Bank

We are committed to taking an active role in our communities as well as in the lives of our customers. Our gratitude for the people of our community is regularly expressed through our Customer Appreciation events, branch Open Houses and seasonal activities within the state. We value our community and we value you, our customer

For over 54 years, Relyance Bank has been a mainstay for value, integrity and dedicated growth in Arkansas. We are committed to helping you bank like a local, every day. We believe that long term returns are based on slow and steady growth. We are here to support your financial future, regardless of the season.