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ACH Services

The ebb and flow of business: money comes in, money goes out. Easily stay on top of outgoing funds without upping your workload. ACH services from Relyance Bank enables you to pay vendors, process employee payroll, and schedule cash disbursements — all with ease.

Add an additional layer of convenience and accuracy without even leaving your office. An up-to-date list of transactions with detailed descriptions is available 24/7 via your online banking portal.

    • Conduct a number of outgoing payments 24/7, electronically:
      • Directly deposit employee payroll
      • Make vendor payments
    • An up-to-date record of transactions is available via online banking or account statements
    • Schedule one-time or recurring outgoing payments
    • Efficient and accurate processing, providing more visibility to your cash position
    • Improve cash flow
    • Increase productivity by automating processes
    • Cut down on employee resources and time
    • Increase accuracy; reduces human error
    • Eliminates wastes and expenses associated with paper checks